Wednesday, October 30, 2013

4 easy goals

New Year, new goals?

As 2013 is coming to an end (I know it is another two months, but that seems like nothing, doesn’t it?) I am reminding myself of what I wanted to achieve. I definitely improved my knitting skills, still have to practice a lot of sewing. I started running on a regular basis again and am pretty satisfied with that.
BUT: I haven’t started learning Italian yet and haven’t taken Burlesque lessons. As I will have half of December and the first week of January off (yay!), I thought about starting then, but surprise, surprise! No one offers lessons in December or at least there is no course starting at the end of the year. But I will definitely do some research once I am on holiday and book the classes, so one could say I have accomplished that goal even a bit in 2013. 

While reading through my feedly I stumbled across the “Four simple goals”-post by Elsie and Emma from It is a great idea and I am definitely joining.

As everything is more fun when you share it, why don’t we do it together, so join in, think of four simple goals and take part in the challenge. The good thing, if you write it down, you can always remind yourself of what you wanted to do and get motivated by readers and followers.

So my goals for 2014: