Monday, November 6, 2017

Knitting for all the little babies coming...

The Chalice Pattern in a Close-Up

... I guess it's normal that when you are in your early 30s everyone around you suddenly decides to have babies. That's good news for a knitter that loves to knit for others and also doesn't have a lot of patience with long projects.

The Klompelompe book is the best baby-book I have ever stumbled upon. Maybe because I don't like the chi-chi pink baby stuff that a lot of books offer, or I don't know. But Klompelompe designs are created with structures and colours, also shapes, that I myself would wear and as cute it is to dress babies up, they are still human beings and it's nice to dress them accordingly. The two Norwegian women who founded Klompelompe had the problem that they missed patterns for boys - or unisex patterns for that matter - that they liked. So they decided to create them themselves.

Oline Hat

Oline-Hat with Christmas Ensemble

The hats in the book look so cute, but are such an easy knit that you can finish them in one evening. We all know how many hats are needed to keep little baby heads warm, so I kept on knitting.

Some leftover yarn in red and white was perfect for a little christmas outfit that turned out to be a hit with the parents to be and also very adorable.

The Chalice pattern from the other blanket I made was used again as well and this time I managed to be done faster, (well I used bigger needles) and still, in the last rows it was already getting on my nerves a little bit. The result still was worth all the work and is the perfect gift for a baby born who will be born in icy Berlin in December. The happiness of my friends when they are given handmade clothes for their baby is one of the best feelings ever and I am so happy if I can make this time even a little more special.


Making a fair-isle sweater from Klompelompe

Finished Fair-Isle Sweater