Monday, January 13, 2014

I have been knitting like hell and not telling you about it, which I think, is unfair.
Are you an ordered and correct knitter, always finishing one project before starting the next?

Well, I am not. Definitely not. From time to time I continue to work on cardigans started long ago, but in between I am either knitting presents for friends or I feel like I have to do something with THIS wool and THIS needle. A small hat or gloves, something that will be finished in a short amount of time. I just need success, people, otherwise I tend to give up easily.

My extended three weeks of Christmas holidays were perfect for it. I knit a hot bottle-warmer for my mom, a hat for my Dad, several mittens, a hat for my grandma and quite a lot of other stuff. But also something for myself: a skirt in a chessboard-pattern.

So far I haven't been wearing it much, but the only reason for that is, that I own so many dresses and skirts, I simply forget about itt when I am not searching my wardrobe for something. 

Even if you are an inexperienced knitter, making a skirt is not too difficult, you don't even need a book or magazine for it. Just nice wool, an idea and then you have to measure your waist, create a gauge and then do the math.

It took me some time and it wasn't one of the shortest projects I ever made, but it is definitely worth it.