Monday, March 23, 2015


Today’s weather is perfect: blue sky with a rather warm sun. You can feel that the days are already much longer and I love that when I leave home – on a regular day – daylight is welcoming me.  Two weeks ago weh ad the first picnic with friends on the banks of the Rhine, promising great summer days to come. So I thought today would be a great day to think about what I love about summer and which activities should be on all our to do lists.

   1.       Eating great ice-cream
( A classic. During the last years it has been very hip to produce vegan / eco-friendly healthy ice cream in exotic flavours. Sesame, salted caramel, basil-strawberry…. Yummy. I am going to try all of them…)
  2.       Swimming in the lake
(This part did not play a big role in last years’s summer a seither it was not very hot or we were just too busy to go to the lake (which is a bit outside of Düsseldorf). I love it though and it is always great fun to take our bikes there, take the little inflating boat and swim around. We sometimes take our barbecue grill with us… ah. Perfect days.)
  3.       Open Air Cinema
(Definitely have to do that more often)
  4.       Spend time on our huge balcony
(It is always there. Just outside of our kitchen. In summer there is a lot of sun as it is facing south and we have plenty of space for barbecues with friends or putting a hammock there and being lazy like hell. It is on my list! Before being able to enjoy it I need to give it the usual spring make-over first, meaning I have to buy new flowers / herbs etc. and planting them in a neat way. I am looking forward to that kind of work, I just need some free time and good weather at the same moment.)
  5.       More running
(2015 has been disappointing when it comes to sports so far. I have been slightly sick on a very annoyingly regular basis. A cold here, a cough there, you name it. Inspite of my cough I will try to enjoy the good weather and go for a run tonight. Yoga is on my list as well, I need it badly.)
  6.       Weekend-trips
(When days are getting longer and longer, a weekend offers much more hours to spend if you go on a field- or city-trip. We will definitely drive out oft he city from time to time to camp somewhere or sleep in our car, enjoying a starry night. I love these kinds of adventures, they help us to escape our everyday worries)
  7.       Festival season
(Hanging out outside, unwashed, drunk and happy. Looking forward to Fusion 2015!!!)
8. Sun Screen
(I love the smell. It is pure happiness for me, which is why in winter I sometimes apply sun screen just for the light feeling of summer. Smells are closely connected to states of mind for me. One bit os smell can put me into a whole new set of mood. Longing for summer to come? Try to put a bit of sunscreen on. - I even experience this with rather unpleasant smells. Insect repellents and the smelling of dung also remind me of summer and therefore trigger happy feeling...I am weird, I know.)
9. Strawberries. Yum....

Enjoy summer, people! Spread the word, „summer is coming“!