Monday, June 5, 2017

Cardigan Raja

The pattern is really pretty (excuse the wrong colour, that was probably evening knitting)

Summer is finally here and although this usually means a decline in knitting, this year has been different. I bought some nice yarn on one of our many trips with Scottie and felt motivated to start a new cardigan from the book my brother-in-law gave me for christmas once.

It is a Danish knitting book and has many very beautiful patterns with a lot of structures in it. I already made one cardigan out of it, Palma. Check it out here. This one is called Raja and consists of a semi-open front and a hood. The pattern is worked with increases and decreases and cables. It takes some time to get used to it, but after a while it's relatively easy. Iit fits pretty well, which is great.

Sleeves are still missing. Knitting with dogs is the best. 

The cardigan is intended to have long sleeves, but I had to improvise, as I was running out of yarn. I kind of like the result though, as I can also wear it now, when it gets colder in the evenings.


Fits really well

I am a rather slow knitter, but with Raja, I was relatively fast. I might want to do it again one time as the result is pretty nice, even with the cheap yarn that I bought in France.

The next project is also almost finished, a cardigan for a little one.