Monday, July 10, 2017


The Baltic Sea. So blue and beautiful!

If there is one thing I learned on our tours with the bus is, you don’t need to travel outside of Germany to discover beautiful and versatile landscapes. This might be one of the reasons why traveling via camper van has become immensely popular over those last few years. More and more of our friends get their own “home on wheels”. Two of them live in Lübeck and we have always wanted to spend a weekend traveling together. At first we wanted to meet in the “middle”, which basically would have been the middle of nowhere, but then, going to the Baltic Sea seemed to be the better idea. We quickly agreed on the island of Fehmarn, which can be reached by a bridge, so no ferry and offers a lot of nice camping grounds. We normally don’t use camp sites, but rather just park in the middle of nowhere, but as our friends have no shower or real kitchen in their bus, we agreed on a “luxury” trip.

We arrived just as the last little bit of the sun went down, offering a glorious view over the ocean just as we were passing the bridge. The radio played a funky Didgeridoo-theme, it felt like a very magical moment. Fehmarn itself is flat, covered in corn fields, meadows and nice little streets bordered with trees.

On our way to the Beach. Kites in the Background
As our friends had just discovered kitesurfing as a new hobby, they were eager to camp near fitting beaches to go onto the water. It was pretty amazing to watch the hundreds of kites out there, barely ever getting in each other’s way and our friends doing their best to at least surf for a few meters. I have to say, I was impressed. As I usually suck at those kinds of sports I was amazed how long they managed to stay on the board. While it was still chilly on the first day, we took a long walk along the beach. The sun came out later, so we drove around the island a bit (it is pretty small, so you keep on ending up in the same spots) to go to a nice little café (Hofcafé Albertsdorf), which we went to again later, as the cake was really superb!

We spent three nights on Fehmarn and decided to spend each one on a different camping ground. The first one was already so pleasant, witch nice neighbours, that we were tempted to throw our plans overboat and to stay there. It was called Flügger Strand, including a beautiful lighthouse, which we visited on our morning jog. The weather was fantastic for our whole trip! At home people were suffering in the first heat wave of the summer, while at the sea we had very agreeable temperatures of 20° and a blue sky.

Camping Fehmarnbelt is huge, covering a vast area including bays and nature reserves, truly beautiful, with lots of nesting birds and an awesome view on the setting sun. While the evenings were still pretty cold, the sun was warming the days.

Camping Niobe on the other hand offers pine trees and little Scandinavian looking holiday houses you can rent. Linda and me, we took our little boat and dared going onto the water. The sea was a bit cold to swim in, but to lay in the sun, adjusting our little boat to a buoy in order to anchor it, we had a great, chilling time. The men had a great time sharing technical details about campervans while we were catching up about everything that happened after Linda had left Düsseldorf and moved North.

During our stay, Fehmarn celebrated their biggest Surffestival on the Southern side of the island. Here you can find some not so pretty hotel-towers, witnesses from the time when Fehmarn was pretty popular with tourists in the 90s. I had the feeling that today it was much more sportive tourists and nature lovers, leaving a lot of the island truly beautiful.

The sun was greeting us when we left the beautiful island. Probably not for the last time. 

Hundreds of Kites in the Water

Lisek waiting for his share of the barbecue

Beautiful Sundowns

Metallic Sea

Enjoying a glass of wine in the setting sun

Fehmarn, we will be back one day!